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Chloramphenicol Palmitate

CAS # 530-43-8
Chemical formula: C27H42Cl2N2O6
Other names: Chloromycetin Palmitate; CAP-Palmitate; Detreopal; 530-43-8

Brief Description:

Chloramphenicol Palmitate is a hexadecanoate ester which derives from Chloramphenicol. It is a fine, white crystalline powder which is odorless.

Chloramphenicol Palmitate is insoluble in water; freely soluble in acetone and in chloroform; soluble in ether; sparingly soluble in ethanol; very slightly soluble in solvent hexane.

It is an antibacterial drug and should be stored in a tight container protected from light.

Chloramphenicol Palmitate can be used in different dosages as chew treats, oral oil suspension, oral paste and oral tropical gel.

Specification and Properties:

I.P. B.P. U.S.P.
Solubility: Must Comply Must Comply Must Comply
Identification: Must Comply (A, C, D) & B (by TLC) Must Comply A (By TLC), B & C Must Comply
Melting Range: - 87°-95° C 87°-95° C
Specific Optical Rotation: +21°- +25° +22.5°- +25.5° +21 °- +25°
Crystallinity: - - Meet the Requirement
Free Acid/Acidity: N.M.T 0.4 ml N.M.T 0.4 ml N.M.T 0.4 ml
Loss on drying: N.M.T 0.5 % N.M.T 0.5 % N.M.T 0.5 %
Sulphated Ash: N.M.T 0.1 % N.M.T 0.1 % -
Free Chloramphenicol: N.M.T 450 PPM N.M.T 450 PPM N.M.T 0.045 %
Related Substances (by TLC) Must Comply Must Comply -
Assay: 97.0 % - 103.0 % w/w 98.0 % - 102.0 % w/w 555µg-595 µg

Package Size: 25 Kg

Note: We also provide/undertake any specific additional test requirement by the customer

Package Type: HDPE drum with two food grade polyliner bag inside

Note: Different package size available for bulk orders

Properties of Chloramphenicol Palmitate:

  • Fine white crystalline powder
  • Odorless
  • Practically insoluble in water
  • Sparingly soluble in ethanol
  • Kept in tight container, away from light


  • Category: Antibacterial drug
  • Used to treat Q fever, Paratyphoid fever, Typhoid fever and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever
  • Used in different dosages as chew treats, oral oil suspension, oral paste and oral tropical gel

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